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  1. 2008 - Sasirekha Parinayam
  2. 2007 - Chandamama
  3. 2006 - Rakhee
  4. 2006 - Danger
  5. 2005 - Chakram
  6. 2004 - Sri Anjaneyam
  7. 2003 - Shakti
  8. 2002 - Khadgam
  9. 2001 - Murari
  10. 2000 - Samudram
  11. 1998 - Anthapuram
  12. 1998 - Chandraleka
  13. 1997 - Sinduram
  14. 1996 - Ninne Pelladatha
  15. 1995 - Gulabi

2008 - Sasirekha Parinayam

Casting: Tarun, Genelia
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer/Banner: Karthikeya Creations



2007 - Chandamama

Casting: Navadeep, Kajal Agarwal, Siva Balaji, Sindhu Menon
Music: K.M.Radhakrishna
Producer/Banner: Teja Arts



2006 - Rakhee

Casting: NTR, Ileana, Charmi
Music: Devisri Prasad
Producer/Banner: Sri Durga Arts/Gopal Reddy, KL Narayan



2006 - Danger

Casting: Allari Naresh, Abhishek, Sairam Shankar, Shaheen, Swathi
Music: Jashua
Producer/Banner: Karthikeya Creations/Krishnavamsi



2005 - Chakram

Casting: Prabhas, Asin, Charmi, Prakashraj
Music: Chakri
Producer/Banner: Sivaraju, Venkatraju



2004 - Sri Anjaneyam

Casting: Nitin, Charmi
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer/Banner: Karthikeya Creations/Krishnavamsi


Sri Anjaneyam is an experimental film. In this film Krishnavamsi tried to mix the touch of philosophy with commercial elements. Krishnavamsi felt that he is not there to preach. "Common audience comes to my films to get some entertainment and would not like to get preached for 3 hours. Hence I am wrapping this concept with commercial elements. This is like Bhagavad Gita wrapped in the cine magazine", was his comment on this film. Philosophy of life - What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? What is destiny? These and such related questions are discussed in this film in subtle manner. Nitin and Charmi played the lead. An orphan, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman, is coward. He doesn't know his own energy and is afraid of fighting against evil. His soft and pure heart wins the blessing of Hanuman. Hanuman himself comes to Earth and tries to open the eyes of his devotee to fight the injustice and give him the idea of purpose of life. This is a rare concept and terrific imagination. This film backfired, however. Too many commercial ingredients in the film diluted the main plot of the film. Not many audience could digest it. This film has got some stunning graphics work.


2003 - Shakti

Casting: Karishma Kapoor
Producer/Banner: Boney Kapoor /Krishnavamsi



2002 - Khadgam

Casting: Raviteja, Brahmaji, Prakashraj, Srikanth, Pooja, Kim Sharma, Sonali Bendre, Shafi
Music: Devisri Prasad
Producer/Banner: Karthikeya Creations/Sunkara Madhumurali


Khadgam is a bold issue that Krishnavamsi brought to the screen. To brief it up, Khadgam is all about Hyderabad, a old city which is one of the communal sensitive places and also the hub of Telugu cinema industry. Krishnavamsi comes up with his script of seven characters who are related one another somehow. Srikanth, Raviteja and Prakashraj played the roles of a police officer who lost his wife to the Muslim terrorists, one aspiring film actor who is desperate to get a break into films and a muslim who is true Indian by blood respectively.

An intertwining of these three characters with the related incidents to growing terrorism is depicted in a hair-raising narration. A separate thread is then interleaved with that shows the hypocrisy in the cinema industry.

Krishnavamsi is bold in his message. He said what he wanted to say. This was truly reciprocated by the audience by making it a big hit at the box office. It is kind of interesting since two segments of audience went against the director. One segment which protested the portrayal of the Muslims. They only failed to read the communal harmony aspect of it. Even threatening calls were made to the director.

It is not just the audience who liked the film, Khadgam also bagged the national integration film award.


2001 - Murari

Casting: Mahesh Babu, Sonali Bendre
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer/Banner: Ramalingeswara Rao


Murari is yet another Krishnavamsi brand film. A blend of man-made myth, philosophy, family element and love makes the concept unique. Title role is played by Mahesh and this is his first big hit in his career.

A greedy ancestor in a respectable family tries to sell the idol of a goddess. It is believed that the Goddess protects the family and the village. Blind-folded by the greed for money, the ancestor decides to give it up. But he lay dead before he could even touch the idol. The family is now cursed that for every 40 years, the heir of the family will die. This curse already took the life of 3 of the noble men from the same family. This time the curse will take away Murari, a honest, brave and amicable smart man. How he overcame it forms the story.

This film has got good songs, nice concept and good family sentiments. Murari, though opened with divided talk, stood as a big hit.


2000 - Samudram

Casting: Jagapati Babu, Sakshi Sivanand



1998 - Anthapuram

Casting: Soundarya, Prakashraj, Saikumar, Jagapati Babu
Music: Ilayaraja
Producer/Banner: Thammareddy Bhardwaja


Here comes an award winning narration of life and implications with Rayalaseema background. Rayalaseema filled with blood and violence, plagued by factionism, form the backdrop for this love story that ends in tragedy and a mother fighting for her baby.

Produced by Gemini Kiran, Anthapuram is about the human relations in the backdrop of terror - caused by the factionism. Somewhere in Mauritius, a Telugu girl falls in love with a guy and gets married. She is not aware of his family background. One day, a phone call from India shatters the peace in her family. A murder attempt is made on her father-in-law. She then realizes that her husband comes from a family led by a faction leader. They leave for India on a few days trip. Her few days trip to India turn as a nightmare. Few days before their departure, she loses her husband to the opponents. Now the in-laws won’t let her go. They want the grand child to be the next heir of the factionism.

Loosely based on Not without my daughter, this film softly portrays the nature of a women as a girl, wife and a mother. Soundarya aptly played the role. Prakashraj won rave accolades for his performance as a faction leader. The surprise package in this film is, however, Jagapathi Babu. He plays a cameo role that will be listed as one of his best roles ever.

Ilayaraja composed music for this film. This is the first film in Ilayaraja's combination. The film won many awards.


1998 - Chandraleka

Casting: Nagarjuna, Isha Kopikar, Ramya Krishna
Music: Sri
Producer/Banner: Greatindia Entertainments /Ramprasad


Chandraleka is a romantic drama and a tale of destiny. Chandralekha is adapted from Malayalam Chandralekha which inturn is flicked from Sandra Bullock, Bill Paulman’s While you were Sleeping. This is one of those romantic and musical dramas that will ever be listed on Tollywood charts.

Produced by Nagarjuna and Ramprasad, Chandralekha has Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishna and Isha Kopikar in the lead. This is the debut film for Isha in Telugu. Though not lenghty roles, this film offered one of the most recognizable roles for actor Brahmaji. Chandralekha is filled with subtle comedy and excellent music composed by Sandeep Chowta. All the lyrics were penned by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry.

A rich girl falls in love with a doctor. Fearing the implications at home, she elopes but only to be ditched. She attempts suicide. Meanwhile there is this guy, whose life is filled with debts and constrained financial resources. He rescues her from the suicide attempt and admits her into a hospital. She is in coma but she could see & hear everything. Her family misunderstands him to be her husband. He continues to take advantage of that situation only in a good way to solve his problems. He falls in love with her sister who suspects him right from the beginning.

This tale of destiny is softly portrayed by Krishnavamsi on to the silver screen. Nevertheless to say, this will stand as one of the good entertainers.


1997 - Sinduram

Casting: Brahmaji, Ravi Teja, Sanghavi, Bhanu Chander, Ahuti Prasad, Chalapati Rao, Annapoorna, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao
Music: Sri
Producer/Banner: Andhra Talkies/Krishnavamsi


Sindooram is an unparalleled event in Telugu films. A true blend of traditions and problems plaguing the villages is aptly portrayed in the film. No one would have dared to produce the film. Krishnavamsi produced the film on his own banner - Andhratalkies. Though the film did not do great at the box office, it is critically acclaimed and fetched the creative director literary and intellect audience following. In his career, this will stand as a milestone.

A young clad, who believes that it is the right of any citizen to fight the injustice, joins the police training. He is very much liked by the training officer, who happens to be a special officer too. The young clad goes to his village on vacation and a turn of events makes him a part of the radical group. The corruption in the police system and the political infrastructure brands him as a naxalite. He has no other option but to continue with them. Slowly, he realizes the real cause and starts fighting the injustice through violence. The special officer is now sent on duty to eliminate this segment of the naxalites. Sadly, the aspiring police officer leaves his breath right in front of the special officer in an encounter.

It is the system that is making the naxalites. The naxalites kill the police and politicians in turn to avenge their anger. This is a never ending dilemma and this situation is continuing till date. Sindooram subtly portrays both sides of the coin and stands as thought provoking.


1996 - Ninne Pelladatha

Casting: Nagarjuna, Tabu, Chalapati Rao, Chandra Mohan, Brahmaji, Ahuti Prasad, Manju Bhargavi
Music: Sandeep Chowta
Producer/Banner: Great India Entertainments/Nagarjuna


Ninne Pelladatha is a complete family entertainer. Produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna himself, this film went on to create records and gave a new image to hero Nagarjuna. This is a love story with the backdrop of family disputes.

A brother vows to never see his sister again since she eloped and married someone else without their consent. After more than 20 years, the second generation from these families fall in love, not knowing that they are related. All is well with the elders until they realize who the other party is. The family dispute is ignited again with the girl's father trying to get the guy bashed up.

Music is a blockbuster hit and the melodies from the film are still rated evergreen. Sandeep Chowta composed music for this film. Tabu played the heroine. This film initially got the talk that it was flicked from Hum apkey hain kaun and other Hindi films. Infact, this is the first Telugu film to deal with rich and united-family.


1995 - Gulabi

Casting: JD, Maheswari, chalapati Rao, Brahmaji, Jeeva, Chandra Mohan, Y.Vijaya
Music: Sasi Preetam
Producer/Banner: Varma Corporation/Ram Gopal Varma


Gulabi is the first film for Krishnavamsi as director. This film created a kind of rage at the box-office. The film had low cast viz. JD, Maheswari, and Brahmaji. JD, at that time, was still on the path of success ladder. The film also brought back one more actor, Jeeva.

Gulabi is an action packed love story set in the backdrop of girl-smuggling to Dubai. It is inspired from a real incident that came in news dailies when police arrested few Dubai based business-men trying to smuggle girls from Hyderabad. This is one of those films that carved a new trend of film making in Telugu cinema. Excellent songs by Sasi Preetam, breathe taking cinematography by Rasool, stunning direction, action packed narration and natural performances by the cast turned this film into a big success. Every college going student could relate himself to the characters in the film. Characterizations are so naturally etched.

Some segment of the audience identified that Gulabi had the touch of Ramgopal Varma, who is also the producer of the film. Krishnavamsi was depicted as a shadow under the guidance of Ramgopal Varma. Krishnavamsi proved his critics wrong with his future projects and got a brand name for himself.

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